Rates & Benefits

Rate Schedule

Financial Committment Rates: Family membership is considered two adult partners residing in one household.

Single membership is for a household with only one adult.

Single membership is not intended to include a two adult household where one adult partner chooses not to affiliate.

Both categories include children up to the age of 24.


       Family Membership           Single Membership     
Age 35 and up $1250 $850
Age 30 to 34 $750 $500
Age 25 to 29 $400 $300
Age 24 and under Voluntary donation Voluntary donation


Additionally, there is an annual building and maintenance fee during the first 5 years of membership – $150/yr for families and $90/yr for individuals.


No one will be denied membership in our congregation because of financial need.  Those in need are granted financial commitment reductions based on individual circumstances.  All financial commitments are confidential, known only by the treasurer and bookkeeper.  It is hoped that those on reduced rates will not shy away, but make every effort to be actively engaged in community life, through attendance at functions, volunteering on committees, and lending a hand where they can.  In this way, spiritual and community involvement can enhance the community as an alternative to financial support.


Any established members needing assistance with reduced rates may contact the treasurer.  



(Any Questions, please call the office at 910-762-0000)