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Frank Institute for Health & Wellness:
Temple Member:  Gabe Frank  
Phone:  910-679-8534
Email:  gabe@deacontechnologies.com
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Computer Warriors:  Residential and Business Computer Services
Temple Member:  Brian Satz
Phone:  910-399-3797
Email:  info@thecomputerwarriors.com
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Josh Vogel, MD, FACOG:  Obstetrics/Gynecology
Temple Member:  Josh Vogel
Phone:  910-343-1031
www.wilmingtonhealth.com…Josh Vogel
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Karen E. Hirsch, CPA:  Certified Public Accountant
Temple Member:  Karen Hirsch
Phone:  910-452-4040
Email:  karen@whccpas.com
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Coastal Landscapes:
  Environmental Landscape Management
Temple Member:  Bryan Steiner
Phone:  910-300-0741
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Paul Floyd:
Custom Wood Working
Temple Member:  Paul Floyd
Phone:  910-297-4799
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  Independent Travel Associates
Temple Member:  Donald Rich
Phone:  910-383-3125
Email:  treasuresntravel@ec.rr.com
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Fit, 50, and Beyond:  
Personal Fitness Trainer in your Home or Office
Temple Member:  Chuck Hawkins
Phone:  910-520-2911
Email:  chuck@actionassociates.us
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Kindred Spirit Event Planning:  Event Planners
Temple Member:  Melanie & Joel Frank
Phone:  910-431-7222 (M) 910-382-8060 (J)
Email:  frank@kindredspiritweddingsandevents.com
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Tropical Smoothie Cafe:  
Temple Member:  Brandon Korman
Phone:  910-769-3939
Email:  tscwilmington@gmail.com
Temple Member:  

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