Contribution Guidelines

Contribution Guidelines And Restricted Funds

Our dues structure is based on the ongoing needs of the Temple. For the Temple to remain viable, the income must be at least equal to the operational expenses. Dues should be paid regularly and promptly. Members are encouraged to pay above the suggested dues amounts. The current dues do not come close to covering all expenses. The Temple budget relies heavily on contributions over and above. It is our policy that no one will be denied membership due to financial difficulties. Please contact the Treasurer if you wish to discuss alternate payment arrangements. Listed below are the Temple restricted funds for donation purposes:
Adult Education Fund: For all Temple adult education activities. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fund: To be used to cover the costs of books, training materials, etc. for Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Bimah Fund: To cover expenses for religious artifacts and enhancing décor of the Bimah. Building Fund: To assist with the preservation and restoration of the Temple of Israel and the school buildings. Camp Scholarship Fund: To be used to provide financial support to Temple families to send children to Jewish summer camps. Cemetery Fund: For maintenance, upkeep and repair of Hebrew Cemetery. Elevator Fund: To be used for the costs incurred for maintenance & upkeep of the Temple elevator. Elijah’s Fund: Contributions to this fund will help offset dues collection for those members having financial hardship. Endowment Fund: To ensure the perpetuation of the Temple of Israel. All gifts in excess of $500, not specifically designated for other purposes, shall be added to the Endowment Fund. General Operating Fund: For donations not designated for any specific restricted fund. Holocaust Commemoration Fund: To be used to support all forms of activities for Holocaust commemoration and education in our local region, in which the Temple of Israel is involved. Allocation decisions will be made by the Holocaust Commemoration Committee of Wilmington. Memorial Board: Memorial Board plaques purchased by members to memorialize deceased loved ones. Mitzvah Fund: To help members who have emergency needs. Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: To be used at the discretion of the Rabbi for needs not covered by Temple budget. Religious School Scholarship Fund: To be used to cover the expenses incurred by the Religious School for a family unable to pay school fees for their child/children. Religious School Special Projects: To meet the needs of special projects of the Religious School. Religious School Tzedakah Fund: Money collected from religious school students for tzedakah. The students vote on where they want to donate money collected. Temple Book/Library Fund: For purchase of prayer books and adult & children’s library books and furniture. Tree of Life: Purchase a leaf or brick for the Tree of Life to permanently commemorate a birthday, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or special event.