Vision Screening

Each year members of LCS and AAUW participate in a vision screening program sponsored by Prevent Blindness NC and the New Hanover County Health Department. We are responsible for screening all first, third and sixth graders in New Hanover County. In 2012, we screened almost 6,000 children. This is a very important program for our community and our volunteers truly love this experience. The majority have returned year after year since the program began over 10 years ago. 

However, a program of this magnitude requires a large number of volunteers to conduct these screenings since we need a minimum of six volunteers at each school. The program runs from the end of August until the beginning of October, and each school takes approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete. Screeners are required to attend a training program every other year to become a certified screener. The training is provided by Prevent Blindness NC and is offered on either June 5th or August 6th at the downtown library from 9-12:30. Volunteers can screen as many or as few schools as they want. Some screeners prefer to only volunteer at one or two schools near their home.

If you are interested, please contact Dawn Ferrer at“> or 910-367-2321 or Sandy Apple at“> or 910- 395-0746.  Please consider asking your husband, children, colleagues and friends to participate in this very imortant program. I have been a screener for 10 years and consider this my favorite mitzvah.  Working with the children is not only fun but is very rewarding especially when you identify a child with vision problems who might not have received screening. Thanks for your consideration.