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Adult Education Fund For all Temple adult education activities
Bimah Fund To cover religious artifacts expenses and décor enhancement of the Bimah
Rabbi Sidney H. and Jane H. Brooks Jewish Academy Support the Jewish education our our youth in order to ensure a strong and deep connection with their faith
Camp Scholarship Fund To supplement URJ camp fees for school-age child(ren) of a Temple member
Charles Woodward Organ Fund For maintenance, upkeep, and repair of the Temple organ in honor of Charles Woodward, long-time organist
Endowment Fund To ensure the perpetuation of the Temple
General Fund To assist with general operations of the Temple of Israel
Holocaust Commemoration Fund To support all local Holocaust commemoration/education activities
JoAnn Fogler Caring Committee Fund To support the work of volunteers who reach out to congregants in need
Jonathan Reibman Memorial Fund To cover the cost of special projects for the Temple/Reibman Center as needed
Kleid Family Religious School Scholarship Fund Scholarship funds available as allocated by Fund administrator
Meals on Wheels Fund To cover the cost of food/supplies distributed by the Temple membership for the Weekend Meals on Wheels program
Mitzvah Fund To assist members with emergency needs
Music Fund To promote music programs for the Temple congregation
Jewish Cemetery Fund To maintain, repair, and enhance the New Jewish Cemetery
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund For use by the Rabbi to assist with special needs
Reibman Kitchen Fund To cover the cost of renovating the kitchen in Rosenberg Hall of the Reibman Center
Religious School Special Projects & Tzedakah To cover the cost of various special school projects
Temple Book Fund/Library Fund To cover the cost of prayer books, adult/children library books, and furniture
Temple Restoration 150 Fund To restore and maintain the Temple of Israel’s historic building
Tikkun Olam Fund To collect funds to do good works for those individuals and community-based service organizations who have needs beyond their ability to cover